Get Lit: Why We Need to Stop Asking “What Do You Do?”

This article was originally published on March 6, 2017, at Nonprofit with Balls

This week we wanted to share one of our favorite posts from Nonprofit with Balls, an irreverent and brutally honest series of confessions, observations, provocations and musings by Vu Lee, Executive Director, Rainier Valley Corps. What drew us to the post were the words "...need to stop asking 'What do you do?'" In our strategy/evaluation work, one of the things we often say is lead with the change you are making, or the values that drive your efforts, not what you do because in all honesty, who cares.

What Vu goes on to say which I think is one of golden nuggets is:

What do you do?” by itself is not the issue. But it is a manifestation of a more pervasive philosophy that defines and values people based on actions, often overlooking who they are and the strengths they bring.

You can read the full post here


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