Welcome to Revelations and Revolutions

As you can imagine (and hopefully feel), a great deal of thought went it to every aspect of our re-branding with the website being the most visible external representation. The blog was no different. We want those of you who visit Revelations and Revolutions to find inspiration, practical tips you can apply to your circumstance, insights in to what is informing our work, and lastly a giggle or two. 

To make it easy we have categorized posts as follows:

A few other things, our team contributes to the blog so you will get a better sense of who we are individually and collectively based on what is posted. Also, we are experimenting with the frequency of posts as well as tone and tenure.

It is helpful as consultants to engage in this type of reflection and communication, but ultimately Revelations and Revolutions is intended to be a resource for you. To ensure that it is, please give feedback and if you find something useful share with others. 

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