Team Member Spotlight: Ginger Daniel

Luminare Group is all about inspiring connections. How did you get connected with the team?

When I started my consulting practice a few years ago, an esteemed connector said, “You need to to meet Jara - her work is excellent and she values that how she communicates is as important as what she communicates. She’s also interested in working with grown-ass women, so she should know you.” The rest is history.

As someone who works on Strategy, Pushing Practice and Capacity Building for Luminare Group, what “ah-ha” moments do you help people have?

I help people see a bigger, and tangible, picture of how we all (as individuals and initiatives) have the capacity to influence and leverage change, amongst our peers and within our fields. Standing in one’s vision and then breaking down this big picture to smaller, tactical parts is when the light goes on. It’s music to my ears when someone says, “Now I see how we are going to do this, and we can go even bigger!”

One of my super powers is that I think and work visually. Often I create concept diagrams or something to capture complexity that invites a shared conversation, deepens understanding and accelerates thinking. It can be magic.

Luminare Group is unrelenting in its pursuit of an equitable and just world. What drives you to do this work? What is the special something you bring to Luminare Group?

I have been committed to social justice work from a young age based on my upbringing. As a queer, white woman, I often experience the world through the lenses of sexism, misogyny and homophobia. I work to responsibly translate these lenses, investigate my white privilege and to challenge and dismantle racism. As a queer, white woman who “passes” (I’m feminine presenting) and was professionally nurtured in Washington, DC (I value diplomatic approaches), I often act as a bridge between those who are more liberal/radical and those who are less so. I can walk into many rooms, see many sides, and I know in my bones that kindness, generosity and empathy are our greatest connectors.

Bright Ideas: What tip would you give to someone who is interested in learning more about your work?

Get in touch! I love connecting with people who are doing game-changing, justice-driven work. You can also visit my website at Did I mention I am a natural red (orange) head?

Get Lit: What are you reading right now?

I’m deep into Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny by Kate Manne. Published last year in the wake of Clinton’s loss and on the edge of the #MeToo movement, it’s a wakeup call to how deeply embedded -- and alive and thriving -- misogyny is in America. As a lifelong feminist, it feels like essential reading, but it’s definitely not a fun read. Recommendations for non-political, laughter-inducing next reads are enthusiastically requested!

Lighten Up: What’s been the funniest moment you’ve experienced as part of Luminare Group?

The first time I got to meet a number of other Luminare Group colleagues in person (we live around the country) was at the St. Regis Hotel. I quickly said hello, without really meeting anyone, and went to the bathroom. I then proceeded to get LOCKED in the bathroom stall. The opening under the door was too narrow to slide under and so I hollered to random people in the bathroom and someone eventually told the front desk. The hotel called numerous people to help and, after a few tries, I finally got released by one of their engineers. I was not too bothered by it, but the fancy hotel wanted to do me right. They offered all of us the spoils of this dramatic saber-opening champagne ritual. So we all drank champagne and that is how I was introduced. Laughter reigned - which is how it rolls with the Luminare Group crew.

How can people get in touch with you?

Email me at or visit  

When you are not working, what can people most likely find you doing?

Dancing, dancing, dancing! My newfound passion is flamenco. Check out my favorite video to date. You can also find me dancing queer tango that has a community of dancers around the world, or at El Rio in San Francisco on Salsa Sundays. It’s my version of perfection - live music, outdoors, queer-friendly folks from all over the world, no showing off, just fun. Come dance with me!

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