Get Lit: Reflections on Data Literacy, Development and Democracy From MIT's Center for Civic Media

Sometimes we like to throw it back to slightly older content, especially when it holds significance for current times. Such is the case with this post for MIT’s Center for Civic Media, Rahul Bhargava and Catherine D'Ignazio did their best to capture the spirit and details of a talk at the 2016 Data Literacy Conference.

We appreciated learning about how Data Pop Alliance was (and still is) working with government departments to build data literacy.

The first thing Emmanuel Letouzé saw on his arrival to France was a newspaper cover page (from Le Point) with a story about "The Algorithms that Govern Us".  All of this is scary. This issue of power structures and information is old - he created a political cartoon a few years ago about how "Data is the new oil". Manu wonders: could there be a data-as-resource curse in this unequal world?  The issue of data literacy is at the heart of this question. How do we turn data in an issue of social progress.

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