Get Lit: The Predicament of Strategic Philanthropy

This was originally published on The Center for Effective Philanthropy's blog.

Strategic philanthropy was born a generation ago to challenge the prevailing orthodoxies of philanthropy over the past century. Moving beyond traditional notions of giving back and charity, strategic philanthropy believes the way to create change is to decide on a goal that matters and then figure out what it will take to achieve it.

And strategic philanthropy’s norms are still gathering force—still promising to inspire and improve the good that philanthropy can do. However, what is also clear is that strategic philanthropy is in danger of becoming its own orthodoxy—a set of conventions that deserve to be questioned and are now being questioned by a next generation of innovators around the globe.

As we move into an age where American “isms” are being named and challenged every day, questions around “who decides” in strategic philanthropy become increasingly relevant and perhaps telling...

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