ANNOUNCING: The Cultural Responsiveness Organizational Self Assessment (CROS) Tool

Luminare Group is proud to share the following announcement from the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence

“For over 26 years, our healing curriculum—meant to serve all people—was authored primarily by a single group: white women. There was great healing power in opening the possibility for people of color to see themselves reflected in the curriculum content and its authors.”

- Cathy Salser, A Window Between Worlds

The Cultural Responsiveness Organizational Self Assessment (CROS) Tool, an online program specially designed and validated for social service providers, can help interpret what culturally responsive policies and practices are working in your organization.

The tool will take your team through a journey of self-reflection, interpersonal exploration, and systemic analysis, lifting up the needs of those who experience multiple societal oppressions and highlighting how existing policies and practices support or contradict those needs.  

With assistance from our team, CROS will help you develop a roadmap to weave equity into organizational policies and practices by asking: 

- Where does your team land on the continuum of cultural responsiveness?
- What are your organization’s strengths and areas for improvement? 

Our organizations are mirrors of the equity we aspire to see in our communities. As we work towards social justice, we understand the importance of examining and interrupting systemic inequality. Using the CROS tools, organizations can truly reflect the ever-evolving needs of our team members, domestic violence survivors, their families, and our communities.  

For more information about CROS, contact Mercedes Tune at, or click here to learn more. 

“We took the first step in learning about LGBTQ cultural responsiveness to help our efforts to reach an underserved hidden population within the South Asian Community."

- Zakia Afrin, Maitri

"Self-examination leads to insight, insight moves into action, and action results in positive change."

- CROS Participant

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