Starting 2019 on a lighter note

We made it! 2019 is officially here.

With the new year comes new opportunities. Like many of you, we've got big ideas and goals for 2019. Instead of rushing into the new year, however, we wanted to take some time and breathe. At Luminare Group, we believe in breaks. We also believe in laughs.

That's why we like to slip in lighthearted posts on our blog every now and then. While you're gearing up for all you'll do this year, we hope this round-up of some of our favorite Lighten Up posts provides you with a fun, refreshing breather.  

For when you need some music to get through your post-holiday workday...

Check out this round-up of some of our favorite NPR Tiny Desk Concerts.
Bonus points: 
These concerts are the length of a Pomodoro, in case implementing that time management method is one of your 2019 resolutions. 

For when you need a spark of inspiration...

Our Founder Jara Dean-Coffey loves these quotes from "A Wrinkle in Time." One of our favorites that we're adopting as a 2019 motto? “There’s nothing left except to try.” We'll be putting that one on a post-it above our desk.

For when you find yourself sending another "just circling back on this!" email...

You'll get a laugh out of this New Yorker Daily Shout: "Existential Office Email." In the meantime, we'll just be circling and circling and circling back right there with you ;)

We wish you a productive new year!

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