12 Patterns of Platform Design to Kickstart Innovation Strategies

This post is by Simone Cicero of Platform Design Toolkit and originally appeared on their Medium Account, Stories of Platform Design.

Platform Design Toolkit recently introduced an experimental framework (see: “Exploring Ecosystems: The Patterns of Platformization”), to help adopters of their methodology scan the market horizon, with the aim of spotting patterns of opportunity to apply a platform strategy. In this post, we followup on this research, and present a prototype of Pattern Cards.

The focus of this post will be — even more strictly — on the “exploration” phase: the moment when a platform shaper wants to understand along which lines the platform strategy can play out.

They imagine the patterns they present to be used a bit like “cards” in a game: these “pattern cards” are designed to spark considerations that — in our experience — are essential in the opening phase, even before mapping the ecosystem.

In the full post, Simone covers:

  • The Four Phases of Platform Design: Exploration. Strategy Design, Validation and Prototyping, and Growth Hacking

  • A good context for Platform Design?

  • The layers of a modern digitally powered economy?

  • Patterns for Exploration

  • How to use their Pattern Cards

This post is in-depth and full of rich information. Click here to read the full post and to explore the Pattern Cards.

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