Get Lit: An Enlightening Read From the Center for Evaluation Innovation

In this document for the Center for Evaluation Innovation, Betsy Baum Block shares when she knew she needed to make coaching a “critical part” of her skill set. She shares that story and tools and resources to help evaluators understand why they should (and how they can) do more coaching. Luminare Group is committed to and engages in evaluative thinking capacity building so we can get behind this.

Our evaluation engagements with clients are time- and resource-limited.

This means the people and organizations we work with need to build and retain their own capacity to be more evaluative. To help them build that capacity, we need to prioritize and support their evaluation leadership and expertise.

Similar to building equity in our practice by using community voice to help shape the evaluation design and process, we can be stronger as evaluators by prizing the value our clients bring to the table over our own expertise, so that they are equal partners in the evaluation process and participate in building their own evaluative capacity. Prioritizing client leadership and expertise requires us to incorporate coaching into our engagements.

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