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Get Lit: A Q&A with Chris Corrigan

This month, meet Chris Corrigan: a process artist, a teacher and a facilitator of social technologies for face to face conversation in the service of emergence and supports invitation: the invitation to collaborate, to organize, to find one another and make a difference in our communities, organizations and lives. →

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Get LitLuminare Group
Finding Meaning in the 'Post-truth’ Era

Figuring out what’s true and what matters across different perspectives and different values is particularly difficult and is often uncomfortable. It can also take a lot of time and no one is going make you do it.  However, if you don’t have some sort of strategy for gathering and making sense of information as a Foundation or a Nonprofit, you’re probably wasting resources and possibly creating harm. Read more

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Get LitDr. Kelly Hannum
Let's Stop Talking About Leadership

"What if all of those participation trophies, ribbons, and pizza parties, were actually teaching us that simply showing up matters? Maybe we learned that being part of something bigger than yourself, something that relies, for its very existence, on the continued commitment and basic participation of many individuals, is important. You don’t have to be the captain of the team to be valuable to it. You just have to be on the team."

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Get LitTory Martin