Does this sound familiar?

There is a lack of opportunities, guidance, and respect to support you in deciding what models and frameworks make sense given context, capacity, and cultural context.

We must support leaders to critically assess and select the right models, frameworks, and tools for their efforts, including revising or developing new ones that reflect their truth.


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We change your relationship

And show you data and information are your friends. We redefine the ways in which you interact with data so that it becomes useful information. This includes determining your strategic questions, understanding your current data environment, mapping what you have with what you want to know, and looking for opportunities to use/modify what is working and building upon those practices.



We demystify jargon

And give you the confidence to decide what's right for you. There are too many words and frameworks out there. We teach you to look past the terms and visual representations to the key concepts and underlying values and assumptions. In doing so, you become a better user and consumer and can determine what makes sense for you, for what reason(s) and for how long.


We build muscles

So you can do it on your own. Rethinking how we think and act is hard work. It takes time and practice to create new pathways and to develop a different relationship with data and information. We offer trainings, technical assistance and coaching to get you to a place where we are no longer needed. See our Webinars and Workshops offerings


Luminare Group recognizes that people may have trauma around data and how it has been used.


We custom design a suite of tools and approaches that align your intentions for real impact

  • Strategic Frameworks

  • Training Curriculum + Materials

  • Data Collection + Inquiry Tools, Protocols

  • Analysis Frameworks + Reporting Templates

  • Summary Reports + Presentations
  • Reflection Guides + Workbooks


Client Spotlight: Fund the People

Fund the People, a national philanthropic change initiative, engaged Luminare Group in its conceptual phase to develop an evaluation framework. This catalyzed a deeper conversation about the questions they need to answer in order to understand if and how their strategies were working—with whom, how and to what end. A Theory of Change serves as an overarching frame for the initiative and a logic model guides annual efforts and data collection and analysis. These two tools support the team in balancing the macro and the micro as they work to shift philanthropic values and investment.


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We knew we needed to have some evaluation systems in place, to show our investors what we accomplish. What Luminare Group showed us was that evaluation isn’t about measuring things after-the-fact, but gaining clarity early about what we wanted to achieve, and being precise about how we want to get there. Now we can track our progress and challenges, and make improvements along the way.
— Rusty Stahl, President, Fund the People

Wanting to strengthen your capacity? 

Check out our webinar and workshops or request that we tailor something specifically for you and your team.