Meet the inner circle

Our multifaceted, multidisciplinary team brings together a distinctive set of diverse experiences, passions and talents.

Luminare Group is a minority, woman-owned firm.


Jara Dean-Coffey is Luminare Group's fearless and funny founder and former founder of jdcPartnerships. She has spent the past 25+ years working with leaders who hold one thing in common: a commitment to challenging themselves and their organizations to have a transformative impact on the individuals, communities and systems they touch.

Jara is passionate about elevating our collective understanding of the relationship between values, context, strategy and evaluation and shifting our practices so that they are more fully in service of stated aims. Jara reminds those who work with her and her team that it is a joy and privilege to be of service and that it takes us all to make this work and world a better place. 

Jara can be reached at jara@theluminaregroup.comTo learn more, please visit her LinkedIn.

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Operations Manager l Special Assistant to the Principal

Cheryl has spent the past 30+ years providing executive support and project management spanning a variety of businesses and industries.

To learn more about Cheryl, please visit her LinkedIn page.



Strategy | Pushing Practice | Capacity Building

Ginger brings over 20 years of experience leading communications, facilitation and strategy for game-changing social and environmental justice initiatives across the US and internationally.

To learn more about Ginger, please visit Orange Strategies.



Portfolio Manager | Evaluation | Pushing Practice | Capacity Building

Jill has over 20 years of experience designing frameworks and tools supporting practices which bridge strategy, evaluation and learning. Jill also serves as our portfolio manager.

To learn more about Jill, please visit her LinkedIn page.

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Kelly has over 20 years of experience blending evaluation theory and practice to help stakeholders make the world a measurably better place by clarifying purposes, processes and progress.

To learn more about Kelly, please visit her LinkedIn page.



Financial Management

Lauren has spent the last 15 years providing money management services to brilliant people who are making the world a better place.

To learn more about Lauren, please visit Lizardo Consulting.

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Lee Ann has 22 years of experience blending epidemiologic research, public health program design and evaluation to an array of audiences in service of community health and well-being.

To learn more about Lee Ann, please visit her LinkedIn page.



Pushing Practice

Michelle has 16 years of experience walking alongside social justice leaders and organizations providing leadership coaching, facilitation, training, instruction and program design.

To learn more about Michelle, please visit her LinkedIn page.

I have worked with Jara and her team for nearly ten years and in that time I have been able to increase clarity and alignment of program goals with organizational strategic direction, develop an evaluation framework for a new initiative, enhance grantee partner capacity and lead my first retreat with a new team. Throughout these engagements I have been able to get crystal clear about the strategic alignment of our work. Ultimately, this means that I have enhanced my ability to understand, demonstrate and speak to results.
— Raquel F. Donoso, Director, Mission Promise Neighborhood
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Understanding the status quo is the key to shifting it.

Laughter and lightness open our hearts and minds to different ways of being, thinking and doing. Luminare Group laughs a lot.

Intentionality and honesty don't come easily. Vulnerability and practice are keystones to doing this work.

We have to be bold and courageous to achieve our missions.


We love our partners