Newsletter Archive

Explore past issues of the Luminare Group monthly newsletter, Be Lumin-Us, below: 

Volume 2 - 2018: 

  • January: We are renewed with greater resolve
  • March: Introducing Jennifer Reisch, our very first guest editor!
  • April: The truth is out there, or is it?
  • May: Meet Dr. Hood, this month's guest editor!
  • June: What does your workspace say about you?
  • July: There is no rest for those seeking for equity to be the norm.

Volume 1 - 2017: 

  • December: A year in review

  • November: Doing our part: Striving to make the world a safer place

  • October: "Transformation is not accomplished by tentative wading at the edge..."
  • August: Learning to learn
  • July: Summer: Time to breathe, take stock, and refocus
  • June: Connecting the dots: Strategy, Evaluation, Learning, and Equity
  • May: Luminare Group News
  • April: News from Luminare Group
  • March: We've got big news: Introducing Luminare Group