We must continue to evolve.

As our world and strategies become more complex, so must our mindsets and the tools that we use.

Luminare Group investigates this complexity to serve the greater field and an equitable and just world. 



We believe there is a moral imperative for the philanthropic sector to design and implement evaluations that actively contribute to equity. One way we are pushing practice is through the development of the Equitable Evaluation Project. Learn more.

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We shine a light on inherent bias

And surface blind spots. We challenge ourselves and others to name the mindsets, context and perspectives which shape what we accept as objective. This allow us to understand the limitations and strengths of the current paradigm. We highlight the work of those in the field already on this journey so that we may collectively advance our practice.



We develop new approaches and tools

And offer guidance on how to use them. We create new frameworks and tools for making sense of data and information and how they connect strategy and evaluative practice. We work to ensure leaders have the needed competencies and organizations have the necessary capacities to make decisions and take actions to support their missions.

We look for what is emerging

And recognize the histories that have brought us to this place. Given where we are and where we want to go, we acknowledge and work with others to identify and co-create the next generation of the field to be more attuned, engaged and authentically in service of justice and equity.


Luminare Group believes we need to understand and reimagine what's possible given where we want to go and how we want to get there.


We custom design a suite of tools and approaches that align your intentions for real impact

  • Research + Publication

  • Thought Leadership + Partnership

  • Roundtables + Innovation Labs

  • Workshop Design + Delivery

  • Toolkits + Resources

  • Analysis Frameworks + Reporting Templates

  • Speaking Engagements: Keynotes, Panel Discussions


Client Spotlight: The Kresge Foundation

In 2015, Luminare Group partnered with the Center for Evaluation Innovation, The Johnson Center at Grand Valley State University and was funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to develop and advance the Equitable Evaluation Project—an inquiry into the ways equity influences evaluation practice in philanthropy. Simultaneously, The Kresge Foundation continues to explore ways it integrates equity into its work and how it wants to push the field. As a result, Kresge partnered with the Equitable Evaluation project to underwrite its communications strategy, amplifying this work and pushing practice.

Not only does Luminare Group lead with an equity mindset, the team is moving the philanthropic sector forward by holding space for us to inquire about what’s possible in strategic learning and evaluation when we lead with equity.
— Chera Reid, PhD Director of Strategic Learning, Research and Evaluation, The Kresge Foundation

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