Does this sound like you?

You are not getting, or are not able to demonstrate, the results you are looking for, and your strategy and evaluation work to date hasn’t proven to be helpful.

Alignment is often lacking between a vision and the ability to fully harness assets to achieve a desired impact.

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We reveal your intentions

And we focus your inquiry. Using a combination of independent and facilitated processes, we surface what brings you to this work, what values shape it and to what end. This includes developing strategic frameworks which articulate your core identity and serve as a reference for planning, communications, evaluation and more.


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We spark Ah-ha's

And oh-no's! Clarity offers a sharper lens to see how our efforts facilitate, mitigate or impede our intentions. This allows you to better understand what is most central to achieving your stated mission and to make decisions and take actions which support the highest and best use of resources.

We strengthen alignment

And we help you find your sweet spot. Across roles and organizational / movement / network elements, the question of values and “to what end” must continuously be asked. We refine existing tools and practices so that this is central to your culture and so the relationship of intention, inquiry and information is one that is meaningful.


Luminare Group recognizes that we are humans who have feelings, history and emotion around all of this work. 


We custom design a suite of tools and approaches that align your intentions for real impact

  • Strategic Frameworks (Theory of Change, Decision Screens, Inquiry Matrices, etc.)

  • Priority Setting Frames + Workplans

  • Summary Reports + Presentations

  • Coaching Plans

  • Implementation Guides + Plans

  • Analysis Frameworks + Reporting Templates

  • Data Collection + Inquiry Tools, Protocols


Client Spotlight: RYSE Youth Center

Our work with RYSE began in 2008. Over the last nine years, we have been trainers, thought partners and consultants providing traditional evaluation, strategy formation and planning and capacity building. Throughout RYSE's journey, Luminare has led, followed and co-created approaches and tools with RYSE leadership and staff to serve changing needs and contexts. Being able to grow and evolve with our clients is one of the things we love most about this work. The mutual ah-ha's (and oh-no's!) over the years have deepened our effectiveness to serve RYSE's mission. 

Luminare Group is rigorous and pushes us beyond our own limitations allowing for new ways of achieving our mission, vision and values. They are thoughtful and lead with a strong moral compass towards justice and equity. We have the deepest gratitude for their partnership.
— Kimberly Aceves, Co-founder and Executive Director, RYSE

Looking for work samples? 

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