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As-Yet-Named Approach

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Prototyped over the last 15 years with dozens of organizations in the U.S. philanthropic sector, this approach grounds your efforts in a shared purpose and values, supporting a culture of clarity, interdependence and cohesion that guide inquiry, actions and decisions.



Reveal your intentions.


Make the implicit explicit.





Get the results you're looking for.

"This framework is many things to our team:
it is, of course, a roadmap for our long-term work, reminding us to check our choices against our values and to align our work with our hoped-for outcomes. [It is] a learning tool, instructive of what capacities we need to build and strengthen, so that we can stay on purpose with our long-term vision. It is also an organizing tool – we’ve already seen that play out in the development process as we brought a diverse group of stakeholders to the table to co-create our framework."

Maricela Rios, Chief Executive Officer

Human Options

"The Theory of Change and the strategic framework that evolved from the process helped establish clarity on our organizational “why”, Human Options' collective commitment on how we show up in pursuit of that why, and the impact we are committed to on behalf of survivors of relationship violence."
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